About Us

Excellence in Learning Community was established in 2015. We are a diverse group of 11 schools from across the London Borough of Enfield and our main focus is providing excellence in teaching and learning.

Our headteachers support each other by actively sharing good practice; working together to deliver excellence in learning to all our pupils. We hold regular network meetings for our school business managers/office managers, SENCos/inclusion managers, assessment and literacy leads, and science leads with the aim that over time all areas of school life are included. These meetings allow staff to share ideas and help each other by giving advice and sharing their expertise.

The Excellence in Learning literacy leads have used their professional knowledge to put together a portfolio of writing containing examples of children’s work demonstrating age related expectation as well as examples of working at greater depth. The portfolios are used as an aid for teachers from year 1 to year 6 when moderating children’s written work. The schools have worked together on cross moderation enabling them to share good practice. We regularly hold group training providing value for money for our schools.

We have recruited a speech and language therapist who works with some of our schools.

One of our next aims is to enrich the curriculum by providing inter school debating opportunities and challenges involving mathematics, science and technology.

We also aim to work with our wider community including parents, carers and grandparents to offer adult learning opportunities to raise aspirations, confidence and self-esteem and also promote good health and well-being.

Our partnership coordinator, Michelle Keady coordinates all the activities our partnership undertakes and can be contacted at michelle@excellenceinlearningcommunity.org.uk