Summer Art Exhibition

Crowd Funding for the Excellence in Learning Community (ELC) Summer Art Exhibition – 30th June to 6th July 2019 at the Dugdale Centre

Dear Parent/Carer/Business Owner

The ELC request your support for our Summer Art Project which will culminate in a week long art exhibition at the Dugdale Centre, 39 London Road, Enfield, EN2 6DS.

The Excellence in Learning Community is a partnership of 16 primary schools in the borough of Enfield who are working together to offer school to school support, arrange enrichment projects for our schools and work with the wider communities around each of our schools. Your school is one of our 16 schools in the partnership and we do not receive any funding for this partnership work.

We are working with ColourMeInArt School, a not-for-profit organisation, on an exciting summer art project to promote the community of Enfield which will involve over 2000 children. Our final art display will celebrate the significance of the first ATM in the UK being in Enfield Town, the cultural diversity of Enfield and our Enfield Town Market. The project design will be based around money and the work of the artist Andy Warhol.  Each school will create a mural with bank notes the children have designed and coloured and each mural will have a pre painted letter which when displayed all together will spell ‘ENFIELD COMMUNITY’. The murals will be displayed in the style of a market stalls which will circle a sculpture of an ATM machine which will be decorated with more bank notes created by the children.

We have already started with the workshops in our schools to create the murals and will have a sculpture day in June to create and decorate the sculpture of the ATM.

All the children at all the ELC schools are excited to be part of this project and looking forward to seeing the final display and through the project we are attempting to raise £8,000 which will contribute towards enrichment projects for all our 16 schools in 2019/20.

We have set up a crowdfunding page

If you would be happy to contribute towards the project (any amount, however small), please take a look at our crowdfunding page or if you have any contacts with local businesses please pass on the details.

If you are a business owner please contact our partnership coordinator, Michelle Keady on and she can give you full details of the business sponsorship options.

Many thanks for your support and we hope you will come and visit the exhibition at the Dugdale Centre in Enfield Town, which will run from 30th June to 6th July.